Corporate Social Responsibility

Ethically responsible

We are committed to acting responsibly and sustainably.  We want to make a positive difference and have set up a CSR fund to contribute to projects across the world.

As an ethically responsible company we choose to work with growers who mirror our values

United Fruit Growers engages employees, growers, customers and consumers to deliver fresh, healthy and sustainably grown produce in an effort to share value and enrich the lives of people around the world.

Our CSR pillars

Our future success is entirely reliant on the quality, knowledge and commitment of our people. Everyone has a part to play and we recognise and value each and every contribution. We strive to work together to improve the lives and social standards of all. This can be achieved by ensuring a fair and sustainable price is paid, working with like-minded partners or using the UFG CSR Fund.

There is no room for environmental abuse in the UFG supply chain. To ensure we have fruit tomorrow we must protect the environment today. We will only work with growers who can demonstrate that environmentally friendly production is at the forefront of their operations. We will strive to ensure supply chains are efficient, respectful and optimised to reduce unnecessary emissions and detrimental impact to the environment.

UFG recognises and encourages everyone to take responsibility for their own actions. We must all work collaboratively to ensure we are leaving a bright future for generations that follow.

The quality of our partnerships is vital for long-term sustainability. We endeavour to build long-term, strong relationships that will enable us all to deliver sustainable production, social improvement, environmental well being.

The reduction of waste is key to achieving both sustainability and environmental success. Waste comes in a variety of forms such as water, food, manpower, pesticides and fuels. Together we can share knowledge to reduce our waste streams and make a positive impact.

CSR Fund
In 2020, UFG set up it CSR project fund. This fund is used for donations and or loans to social, environmental and educational projects in communities that we are linked with through established grower partnerships both in the UK and abroad.